6 Jul 2017

What’s in a logo?

People react more strongly to images than text. Think about it – it’s easier to remember an intricate image than a lengthy sentence, right?

One thing’s for sure: if you want your business to take a step in the right direction, you have to be visually well-represented. You need a good logo.

Your brand needs a face

Your logo is basically a graphic representation of your company’s identity. It’s also a shorthanded way of referring to your company in advertising and marketing mediums. Having a logo as a business identifier makes your life easier –  it’s small and effective.

First impressions are fundamental

Did you know your customers will consider your logo when deciding if you’re a trustworthy and legitimate entity? Yes, that’s how powerful they are.

Maintain consistency

Your logo secures a starting point for the various fonts, colours, and design choices of your business’ visual branding scheme. It’s what introduces and defines your corporate colour palette. So, as your logo represents your company as a recognisable personality, the original visual design used in your logo should be echoed throughout your brand as a unit.

Keep dedicated customers

If your company’s image isn’t good, customers looking for a loyal and long-term relationship will probably choose your competitors. If your brand is solid and respectable, your customer base will stand with you in solidarity.

The art of logo design

The best logos should be clean and simple, and easy to remember. As a visual display of what the company offers, your logo should be easily identifiable because it communicates who you are.

A lot of logos are designed in a way that reflects the business’ industry. They rely on the connotation of certain shapes, colours, and line work. For example, you tend to see tech companies with more angular logos and sharp edges to display velocity, whilst service-orientated companies have more rounded, softer logos for trust and utility.

Creating an overall identity

Your logo isn’t your brand; it’s a representative of your brand, and it’ll become an essential stamp on everything your business offers. Websites, business cards, company vehicles, you name it.

It’s ultimately an identity which represents the bigger picture, with the potential of contributing to your business’ success.

We know that not many logos stand out, but we also know how to produce ones that do. Contact us. We’ll prove it.

In the meantime, check out a few we have done here.

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