17 Oct 2019

What Is Product Design

Not many people are familiar with Product Design. It is probably one of those jobs where you have to repeatedly explain to people what it is that you do. In this blog post we are going to explain what Product Design is and give you a glimpse into the process that takes place when designing a new product.

So what is Product Design?
Product Design is creating usable products and experiences that meet the needs of its user. When designing a new product, you go through a process of trying to solve a problem and providing a solution that will improve the quality of life for the end user and their interaction with their environment.

The process of Product Design includes everything from market research, problem identification, product and prototype development as well as solution creation.

The process:

– User research
One of the most important steps in the Product Design process is researching the user. You want to understand who the user is, what their motivations, goals, aspirations and triggers are. The more you know the better.

– Identifying the problem
Once enough research on the user has been gathered, you can begin to identify the problems that they are facing.

– Design
Once you’ve understood your user and their problems you can start drafting up a few solutions. This can be in the form of mock-up designs and prototypes. These mockups and prototypes allow for the solutions to be tested and to ensure a cohesive visual and interactive experience.

– User testing
Once the prototypes have been developed, users are recruited to test out the designs. A variety of testing methods can be used to validate the proposed solutions such as: tree testing, A/B testing, surveys, interviews and live betas. These tests will let us know if we are on the right track or not.

– Apply feedback
Once the testing has been complete, the designs can be crafted based on the feedback received. The changes made to the design will ensure that the solution is actually solving the users problem.

– Launch
Using the prototype and the changes made as a blueprint, the product can now be built. The product goes through a last round of testing before being launched.

– Analyzing data
This step is the defining moment of Product Design. The process is incomplete without measuring and analyzing the product’s data once it has been launched. This data will determine the success of the product and identify if anything needs to be changed.


Product Design is a constant process of analyzing, designing, testing, launching and monitoring in order to solve a problem. We hope you now have a better understanding of Product Design and can appreciate all the work that goes into creating a product.


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