13 May 2019

What Does Omnichannel Marketing Mean?

A multichannel marketing strategy is essential for businesses in the world today. The more channels your business has, the better the odds of people finding and doing business with you are. By having multichannels, your customer experience is naturally improved as everyone has their own preferred method of contacting businesses. Multichannel marketing however does not do enough to ensure people will do business with you. This is where Omnichannel marketing comes in.

Omnichannel marketing is a multi-channel approach to marketing, selling and serving customers. It uses different marketing channels to work towards a single goal and provides a seamless, integrated and cohesive customer experience. Marketing channels are mediums that are used to transfer information to and from customers. Examples of channels include social media, websites, print advertisements, face-to-face interactions, event marketing and direct mail. Omnichannel marketing uses various marketing channels in a way that fits the customer’s needs the best. Customers can shop online from a desktop or mobile device, or from a store and still have the same brand experience.

Omnichannel marketing ensures customers receive the same messaging and experience through every channel available. A consistent brand message and image provides customers with a sense of familiarity, which will help strengthen the relationship with your brand.

The aim of Omnichannel marketing is to make life easy for customers and to provide them with a unified message and experience across all customer interactions. One of the many benefits is that customers are left to feel that the service was personalised for them. In turn, building a stronger relationship between the customer and your brand.


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