26 Oct 2017

Traits of a great website

Every business needs a website these days, but not everyone understands the necessary ingredients for making a website good. Here is our primer on a few of the most important elements of good website:


Let’s get one thing out in the open first: without decent logos, attractive fonts, alluring colours, and good photography, users will not want to engage with your website.

Having a website that looks good is also practical. A beautiful website will have plenty of breathing space, and so should be easy to navigate. It also will positively impact your search engine visibility – the better the design, the better you will rank.

Ease of use

Think of your website’s navigation as its GPS – it’s what people need to move around and it needs to be simple and user-friendly. It’s also crucial you also have a reactive website, that ensures that your website can function on today’s multitude of devices.

Try to include as few menus as you can to avoid confusing web users with short attention spans, and keep the navigation as shallow as possible. In addition, other tools to aid navigation include directional arrows and navigation bars. These are worth the effort because the easier it is to get around and understand content, the longer your visitors are likely to stay.

Optimise your content

As a leading design agency in a bustling city, we know you should accustom your website to interest different groups of readers. For example, when we write for our blogs, we try to keep in mind our clients and potential clients. A good website should be welcoming and interest as many readers as it can.

It’s also helpful to keep your written content easy to skim read. Using tools like bullet points, infographics, and white spaces make your writing loads easier to digest. A lot of the time your visitors are looking for a specific piece of information, so convenience will help them find it.

No one will even look at your content if they can’t find it, so SEO is one of the most important things to consider. Keep yourself part of the social conversation as well, bringing in some way to connect with social sharing.

Show off your company

Dress up your ‘About Us’ tab. Visitors will trust a good website, so incorporate features that will help identify your business as a legitimate entity and that it knows what it’s doing. Feel free to talk about your philosophies, goals, and the story behind the development of your website. You can also throw some customer testimonials or success stories.

We know how important a great website is. Contact us today at Pure Creative and we’ll help make sure yours is amazing.




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