9 Sep 2019

To Rebrand or to Refresh? Here’s How to Figure it Out

Staying relevant in an era where choice abounds and brands are vying for attention, is tough. In today’s “adapt or die” business climate, change is not only inevitable, it’s necessary. The best brands are always in beta phase – they’re constantly evolving, iterating and updating to serve the “always on,” contemporary consumer who moves with the trends.

That’s why every few years, brands dust the cobwebs off their branding and have a good hard look at what they can do better to look better. If you’re there right now, staring at your brand like it’s an art piece and wondering whether to rebrand or refresh, allow us to give you some thought-starters.

But first, an analogy. A refresh is like redecorating a house. It might mean a new logo, new brand colours or new presentation templates. A rebrand however, is like bringing in the bulldozers and building a new house – new front door, new letterbox, new interior structure – you get the picture.

4 Reasons Why a Rebrand Might Be the Answer 

  1. Your Competition is Stepping up: Your competition is sometimes the biggest indicator of what’s happening in the market. If they’re going full steam ahead, now’s the time to make a bold move and maintain your market share.
  2. Your Target Market has Changed: We’re seeing it every day – millennials and Gen Z’s are becoming fully-fledged consumers with crazy buying power. A rebrand is sometimes the overhaul you need to get their attention.
  3. You’ve Grown: Sometimes you simply outgrow your corporate and brand identity. Perhaps your vision has changed or you’ve employed a new business strategy. If your current branding doesn’t talk to your new direction, it’s got to go.
  4. Times Have Changed: If your brand identity looks like sometimes out of the 70’s, then a rebrand is way overdue. Investing in a rebrand will show your target audience that you’re just as relevant today as you were yesterday.

3 Reasons Why You Might Want to Opt for a Refresh

  1. You Want to Reach a New Customer Segment: Has your target audience expanded to include a new customer profile? New social media templates or a slight change in your online tone of voice could do the trick.
  2. You Need a Makeover: If you’ve gone through your fair share of iterations over the years or months and you feel like a new aesthetic or a new way to showcase your product is the next necessary step, then a brand refresh is in order.
  3. You’re Lacking Consistency: It’s not uncommon for brands to experience inconsistencies in their offline and online identities. This is especially true of legacy brands who are moving more into the digital space. A brand refresh can fix this.

At Pure, we specialise in branding and marketing. We’ve worked with both new and established brands to find the most effective way to communicate their key message as they grow. Sound like what you need? Contact us, we know how to do it.

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