22 Nov 2016

The art of launching a new product

What if we told you that it is possible to launch a new product in a week… You’d say we’re lying. And what if we told you that we can assist you with four of the five points below, steps to help you accomplish this?

Entrepreneur.com published an article about this exact topic and we felt it was very relevant to ourselves as a company. Pure Creative recently launched a stationery and lifestyle brand called Pure Products. Launching a novel product is a challenging task, one that can be streamlined and facilitated.


See the five points below on how to best launch a new product.


  1. Lock down a ‘M.B.A.’ name.

Be memorable, be brandable and be available. Pure offers brand strategy services as well as the design of corporate identity manuals.

  1. Interview potential manufacturers. 

It is key to sort out your manufacturers as soon as possible. This will allow your process to be more efficient.

  1. Create your logo, packaging and website.

Brand yourself and do it well. Remember the golden thread that keeps your logo, packaging and website all together. Pure’s logo design is known to be striking and captivating. We strive in modern web design and packaging development.

  1. Get your website live immediately.

Set up your website and populate it will all the ins and outs of your new product. Get your audience excited. Pure offers innovative and original web design and web development services.

  1. Establish advertising channels and revenue goals.

Establish through which advertising channels you will be working and commit to a full-on social media and communications strategy, before you start. We offer full blown content strategies as well as content management services to ensure your online presence is stellar.

With the above five points in place, success is bound to walk your way. Contact Pure Creative on +27 (0)21 424 6918 or email hello@purepublishing.co.za if you are considering launching a new product or brand.

Meet the team: Jono Swanepoel

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