18 Apr 2017

Rebranding a branding agency

There comes a time in most businesses when the logos, colours, typography, and imagery get stale. Even with a branding agency.

If you own a branding and design agency like Pure Creative, the prospect of rebranding gives you an opportunity to practice what you preach.

But where do you start? Your own branding says a lot about your capabilities as a creative agency. As such, it is beneficial to present your creative design company in a way that reflects the work you are prepared to do for others, and the attitude you are prepared to do the work with.

Here are a few tips:

Create a unique visual identity

The simplest ideas are often the most reliable. Clean, well-structured designs are great, and so a simple logo that is easy to recognise.

Chat with your employees

The personality of the business is created through employees because they are the driving force behind your company’s momentum; they are the people who produce and deliver. So, focusing on the business’s employees can convey a better sense of personality. Brands that go a long way usually acknowledge humanity.

Research before rebranding

Tabulate information about how customers see your business, the company’s brand assets, competitor’s products and services, public sentiment, and your employees’ opinions. Communicate with stakeholders about timelines, budgets, objectives, and competitive positioning.

Don’t afraid to bring someone else onboard

You’re often too close to your own work. It can be difficult to know what’s best for your own brand, so it’s always a good idea to get some outside insight.

Spread the word 

Lastly, plan to drop the news to the people around you. Telling clients, employees, and the press more about your new branding venture could be beneficial.

Branding has become a strategic must in every business. To invest in branding means to invest in your branding and design agency’s future.

words by Nicole Anne Bouwer

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