2 Dec 2016

Does metallic have a place in 2017 design?

It’s been governing runways for a couple of years now, but how can metallic be applied to web design and branding in the future?


Jackie Lampard, Pure’s Deputy Art Director says, “Metallic colours add a luxury feeling to a brand. These are especially popular in corporate brands. Whether they be metallic inks or foiling, metallic colours look expensive and well, they are. This adds to the appeal and the feeling that the brand is well-renowned and that it can afford a little extra touch.”

Metallic can also be used in a corporate environment. Pure recently rebranded Bowmans, a Pan-African law firm. We’ve used a copper colour for the icon, emphasising the rich knowledge and vast experience the company embodies.

In the creative industry, Tom Dixon is a great example of how metallic and rose gold can be used over a various amount of products, décor and lifestyle items.


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