13 Jul 2017

Designed for business

Design is central to the growth and long-term success of any business. People like brands that look appealing; they might not even bother with yours if it looks outdated or unprofessional. It’s about creating a personality.

The numbers prove it: according to the Design Council, 83% of businesses that have invested in good design have developed and released new products and services in the last three years.


Design is a language

First impressions count. With the popularity of social media platforms, tablets, smartphones and MacBook computers, the world is becoming increasingly visual-orientated. With all this information, your business needs to stand out. Through working with a design studio, your business can develop its own visual language.

The Social Science Research Network says 65% of people are visual learners. Without a prominent design component, your message might be lost.



The consistency of colours, shapes and fonts unite to create a distinctive makeup which reflects your business’ identity and values. Your logo embodies a characteristic code that shows customers what to expect from your business.

A well-executed graphic design job will:

– increase sales

– strengthen your customer loyalty base

– enhance you market position amongst competitors

– establishes a stronger identity – visually and professionally

– makes less time needed to market new products and services


Website design assures the client you can meet their needs

A well-designed website inspires confidence. If you are concise with your information and establish a look and feel that is true to your brand, people will naturally be enticed.

Invest time and resources into a strong homepage; it should mirror the branding of your business. Your online audience needs to easily understand what you provide. The purpose of your website is to encourage potential customers to interact, so make sure the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Add to Cart’ buttons are prominent and accessible.

Website design that is clean, crisp, fresh and easy to navigate will be a winner. Keep in mind, however, that a good designer will ensure your website translates well onto other devices like smartphones. Adaptability is essential.


Design itself is advertising

You can’t afford to blend in. Design doesn’t only illustrate your mission, but embodies your business concept. Good design builds a professional and attractive edge.

That’s why you need a great creative agency to make your business tick. Contact us today and we’ll help design work for you.

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