16 Jan 2017

Are cinemagraphs the new video?

There is nothing quite like a flawlessly directed video. It draws you in and captivates its audience.

A cinemagraph, however, is not meant to replace the video. Its function: to tell your brand story in a superbly looped clip. Almost like a wavy focal point frozen in time, a cinemagraph is somewhat hypnotic and alluring.

Why choose a cinemagraph over video, then? Because you have the visual injection of video, without the dreaded play button. Yes, it is intrinsically a GIF, but the cinemagraph offers much more depth and comprehension to a brand’s identity. This relatively new advertising tool soars on social media platforms, and when well executed, it does a pretty good job gaining traction.

There are a couple of ways to get it right, according to AdAge.


Keep it short, sweet and meaningful.


Cinemagraphs are most powerful when they capture a simple, short and subtle moment of action. A brief loop that tells a story through a dress shifting in the breeze or wine poured for a friend can convey a lot of meaning in just a moment.


A cinemagraph is worth 1,000 words.


By drawing the eye to small details, cinemagraphs are extremely effective at capturing emotion, allowing viewers to feel as if they are sitting in the same coffee shop, stirring the same steaming latte.


The effect is beautiful.


Cinemagraphs are perfect for adding luster to an already pretty picture. Luxury and lifestyle products especially shine — and shimmer — in cinemagraphs. A satin dress or leather jacket, when pictured on a model in a cinemagraph, has movement and shine that wouldn’t come through in a simple still photograph.


Lower production costs make cinemagraphs especially attractive.


When developing a campaign or content calendar, cinemagraphs offer an engaging format at a fraction of the cost of video.


Cinemagraph: Adweek

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