6 Dec 2018

5 Web Design Tips To Improve Your SEO

In an ever-changing and fast past environment it is challenging to stay ahead of the curve. Battling the bots to be noticed by google and getting your website in front of consumers seems like an uphill battle. There are however 5 simple website design tips that will not only improve your SEO but also keep consumers interested for longer.


1. Responsive Design

Ensure that your website has responsive design and looks beautiful not only on a desktop but also on a tablet or most importantly mobile phones.

2. Using White Space

Research in to white space (doesn’t have to be white) has found that it increases reader comprehension by almost 20%. It means more user interaction, highlighting of important points and more slick design aesthetic.

3. Using Visuals

Users tent to spend more time looking at visuals on a site than reading content. It is thus important to keep the text interesting with an array of interesting and relevant visuals.

4. Choice of Colour

Use colour theory to your advantage to connect with consumers. Pick one dominant choice of colour on your entire website and make use of complementary colours for a well-rounded colour scheme. Not only can you evoke feelings with colour, but you can also achieve a recognizable brand identity.

5. Simple Navigation

Consumers will want to hang around your site a little longer if they are able to easily find what it is they are looking for. Simply have no more than 7 items in your menu, descriptive labels and a fixed navigation bar.

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