30 May 2019

5 Tips To Branding Your Start-Up Business

The world of start-ups can be a rollercoaster. Amongst the growing and building every start-up goes through, there is one thing that helps keep your business focused, and that is your brand.

Branding is the promotion of a product or company through marketing, advertising and design. It is also the image of your brand or company that is created via visual elements such as a logo, colours, typography, illustrations etc.

A strong brand runs through a business like DNA. It reflects and unites your business’ values, message, practices and reasoning for your business.

Here are 5 tips to branding your start-up business.

Prioritize your brand
When starting up, getting your product or service out into the world and bringing in cash seems like the first priority. In fact, what should be your first priority is developing a brand strategy to ensure the success of your brand and the achievement of your brand’s goals.

Consider your target audience
From your brand strategy you would have figured out what kind of people you would like to target and who would be interested in your offering. Consider how your brand is perceived by your target audience as this perception can make or break your business.

Assess your brand objectively
Having an objective perspective of your business is an important quality for start-ups. You need to look at your business from other people’s perspective in order to know how your business is being perceived. Through the development of your brand experience, product concept, sales journey and marketing channels, you would be able to successfully assess your brand.

Connect your brand and marketing strategy
Developing your business’ marketing and brand strategy at the same time and connecting them both can be beneficial to your brand. You would be able to make sure that everything is consistent and that everyone is on the same page. During the development of both strategies, you would figure out how each marketing channel will and can express your brand and how it can bring in useful information from your target audience.

Stand out from your competitors
Businesses in the same industry can sometimes appear to be a bit similar. From the brand language, the tone of voice, the colours, fonts and even the illustration styles. It’s important to make sure your brand stands out so that it can become top of mind with your consumers. Consumers are more likely to remember a unique brand that stand outs than one that looks likes the rest. This can sometimes be the deciding factor that motivates consumers to make a purchase.


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