22 April 2021

QCIC Group

QCIC is a leading global security engineering company, specialising in designing, building and running security systems. Since their inception in 2007, they have garnered a global reputation for security design, collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned architectural firms to deliver award-winning security design solutions for leading brands and organisations. It’s reputation as one of the world’s leading security engineering companies has been further reinforced by more than 1 700 successful projects in over 100 countries, with key offices in New York, London, Cape Town and Hong Kong.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design
  • Animation
  • Brand Identity Manual
  • Infographics

The challenge:

Pure Creative was tasked with a complex brief to rebrand the QCIC Group, with a fresh new identity to showcase a newly defined vision, brand position and service offering, without alienating their existing global customer base. 


The three month project consisted of a full brand solution including brand positioning, brand strategy, logo design, icon design, brand identity, brand manual, corporate collateral and website design.

Developing the Logo and Icon

Inspired by the three-pronged Design, Build, Run integrated support model that QCIC offers their clients, the creative team landed on the geometric triangle. This geometric language then became the basis of the logo, it’s icon and all graphics.

To produce the letter Q, multiple interlocking triangles were architecturally built together, forming the sophisticated logo and brand identity for QCIC. 

The typography of the company name QCIC was crafted as a bespoke font, to compliment the icon design.   

A primary colour palette of Deep blues and silvers was used on the logo and icon, which was further expanded into a secondary colour palette of pastel green, teals and warm pastels.

The Solution

The new QCIC logo comprises triangular graphics to reflect the firm’s expertise in the complex into clarity; the logo, illustrating Africa and the rings of a tree, and the accompanying tagline, “The Value of Knowing”.  The African continent’s extensive colour palette was embraced in the branding colours, with Pure utilising an ochre orange and metallic copper colour, complemented by a deep navy blue, creating a sophisticated presence. The new QCIC brand positioning, identity and website has been widely praised globally, and has done much to grow their brand awareness and rankings as a leading security firm. Pure Creative Agency continues to support their global marketing team and efforts across all channels.

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