12 January 2018

Bowmans is Africa’s leading law firm, specialising in corporate, institutional and public sector clients’ most important matters. As a pre-eminent Pan-African law firm, Bowmans has a track record of providing specialist legal services, both domestic and cross-border, in the fields of corporate law, banking and finance law and dispute resolution, which spans over 100 years.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Typography
  • Corporate Identity

Pure Creative’s rebranding of Bowman Gilfillan Africa Group as Bowmans involved rolling out every aspect of the brand identity, while embracing the core concepts of a single firm unified across Africa. A bit part of the 18-month project was the completion of the guide for Bowmans new corporate identity, or CI guide. It details every aspect of the new brand, identifying carefully the use of colour, typography, imagery and more in whatever manner the branding will be used.

CI Guide

This comprehensive CI Guide addresses every aspect of the brand, from uses to the logo and its various versions as it is used across different Bowmans offices, to detailed explanations of the use of typeface, colours and imagery, and how these should be executed across various collateral, including business cards, stationery, print and digital advertising, website branding, powerpoints and more.

Click here to see how we rebranded Bowmans.

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